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Latin and Greek T-shirts The finest shop for T-shirts and other merchandise featuring quotations in Latin and Greek

Perseus   Large site from Tufts University (and mirrors) dealing with all aspects of Classical antiquity

News over the Internet in Latin   News bulletins in Latin from Radio Finland (sound files)

The weather forecast in Latin   Don’t let Jupiter Pluvius wreck your Saturnalia weekend away   Excellent About Guide to Ancient and Classical History. Webmaster N.S. Gill   Huge range of devotional material in Latin

The Latin Library   A comprehensive library of online Latin texts  A veritable cornucopia of Latin quotes and phrases, Latin learning aids, Latin mottos and more!   One family's efforts to preserve something of our threatened Catholic heritage.

Lingo24   This site offers a modern languages translation service

The Hall Family Website   Excellent genealogy resources

RateMyInk - Tattoo Pictures   Rate 1000's of tattoo pictures and designs, upload your own pictures to see what others think or just browse the gallery

Altar Cards    Beautiful, easy to read Latin and English altar cards for the celebration of the Holy Mass.

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