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For US$45.00 we offer what we believe is the only comprehensive Latin translation tattoo service available. We will provide:

·         A translation of your English phrases (up to 25 words) into Latin, paying special attention to the needs of a tattoo (brevity, word arrangement etc.) and with alternatives where this is possible.

·         Advice on lettering, we don’t design your tattoo – the choice of font, graphics etc. is yours – but we do advise on suitable forms of lettering, variant spellings, punctuation and the like.

·         your translation in a pompeian font This is a version of your translation using a font closely modelled on the form of lettering found in inscriptions in the Roman city of Pompeii, which has proved very popular with our tattoo customers. You’re unlikely to have this font installed on your computer, so we send it as a pdf file.

·         an mp3 sound file of your translation, so that when you show off your tattoo you can also pronounce the words correctly.

·         24 hour turnaround from receipt of your fee.


Things to watch out for

1.  Latin works very differently from English.  The word order is different, sometimes one word in Latin represents three or four words in English, and there is usually more than one way of translating an English phrase correctly into Latin.

2.  Never, and I mean never, rely on free online dictionaries and translation software   they are so often wrong. Even common words in Latin often have a huge number of possible endings,  only one of which is correct in any situation, and no online dictionary can give you the correct form every time. You’ll more likely end up with junk.

3.  If you don’t know Latin, it’s almost impossible to understand how the translation works by checking the words against a dictionary. With a tattoo in another language you’re bound to be concerned about accuracy, because nobody wants to walk around with nonsense on their arm, but  Latin and english rarely correspond in a simple word-for-word way.

4.  Find a translator you can trust.  Check out the translator’s credentials – how long s/he’s been in business, how much business s/he’s done etc by checking web counters, Paypal history, blog testimonials, Google links etc.

5.  So why consider us?   We’ve been doing web Latin translations since 2000, with 1000+ customers in the last year (you can verify this from our Paypal pages). We have a combined experience of more than 120 years of studying, teaching and translating Latin (Quintus 65 years, Quintilla 55 years).



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