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   The Latin Translator

How to order your translation and pay for it

What your translation will cost

Number of words






Phrases up to 20 words

24 hours




Tattoo Service

24 hours




20 – 100

24 hours




101 – 200

2 days




201 – 300

2 - 3 days




301 - 1000

3 – 5 days

Multiples of the above

1000 +


To be advised (2 - 6 days usually)

Special discounts available for texts over 1000 words depending on the nature of the work. Please email for details.

If in addition you would like a sound file (.mp3) of your Latin translation just add $40.00 or £35.00 to the above schedule for anything up to 100 words.

If your document is in manuscript form we suggest you send a scanned image as a .jpeg attachment for us to assess. There may be an extra charge for manuscript work, but we will always keep our costs as low as is economically possible.


1.   Email your passages for translation to and at the same time submit your payment. You can pay in US dollars, UK pounds, Euros and most other major currencies.


2. To pay by any major Credit Card, simply click on the logo to the left. Paypal provides  an ideal secure service for a small business like ours and will get your fee to us almost instantly from  virtually anywhere in the world; all you need is our email address as above  You do not need to open a Paypal account in order to make a payment.


3.   Customers in the UK may also pay by direct bank transfer (BACs). Email us for details.

In all cases we shall email your translation to you as soon possible after payment has been received, usually the same day or the next day. We look forward to hearing from you.


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